Get active with Mo Beef Mo Kids this summer with the Beef For Strength Summer Challenge. Follow these steps to learn more about beef in fitness, and for the chance to win a prize.

1. Download and print the Beef For Strength Challenge Card.

2. Print the Scavenger Hunt, Beef For Strength Word Search, and Name Workout pages.

3. Complete and mark off challenges in the boxes on the card throughout the summer.

4. Submit the form below with a photo of your card by August 19, 2020 for the chance to win a prize.



Beef’s Big 10 

Celebrate Beef’s Big 10 nutrients by completing 10 challenges on the Challenge Card. 10 winners will be selected for a smaller prize in this category.
All In
Raise the steaks and go all in by completing every challenge on the Challenge Card. 5 winners will be selected for a larger prize in this category.

Beef For Strength Challenge Card Submission

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