What is Mo Beef Kids?

The Mo Beef Kids program connects schools and their food service professionals to cattle farmers and ranchers to “beef” up school lunches. Our goal is to provide more beef, more often in the lunchroom, while implementing food and nutrition education in the classroom. This powerful partnership highlights the important message and journey of food and nutrition, while adding important protein to a student’s diet. WIN-WIN!

Mo Beef Kids is a program of the Foundation of Food and Farm Connections, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation. Donations support program components in the lunchroom and classroom. Your donation supports purchasing of beef, logistics around beef donations, classroom materials and program resources.

MoBKF Programs
MoBKF Programs
MoBKF Programs
MoBKF Programs

How Does It Work?

Regional Mo Beef Kids team members will help identify a local farmer who has interest in donating to the program. A school’s food service provider, local state or federal inspected processor and school administration come together to make this program possible. Regional facilitators will assist with logistical needs and help connect the dots between partners.

Program Components

In addition to doubling beef in the lunchroom, this program partnership offers educational resources to participating schools.

*Educational programs offer curriculum that meet standards.  

Nutrition and Active Lifestyle

A high protein diet goes hand in hand with a healthy and active lifestyle. Physical activity and outdoor living is an important component of MBK and one that is being developed as the program expands.

Food Insecurity

As part of the program’s strategic plan, beef will be considered as a protein resource for youth who face food insecurity challenges.

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