Mo Beef Kids Receives $100,000 Donation to Feed Hungry Kids

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Beef and Christmas Traditions

Christmas on the farm seems like such a magical thought. Being a beef producer, my family’s Christmas traditions have always involved caring for cattle and enjoying Prime Rib for Christmas Eve dinner. Traditions also include checking cows after opening presents or waiting for a semi to load our spring calves for their trip to the

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Cattle Care in the Winter

As the days begin to shorten and the air becomes crisp, the winter season is now to face. As many people begin to prepare to stay inside, the American rancher is preparing for the cold temperatures. The winter season is one of the hardest conditions a cattle operation has to face, but also one of the most

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Beef: Beyond What’s for Dinner

By Cali Hillsman, 2022-2023 MO Beef Leadership Academy Member Sustainability is important with our growing population. A large component of being sustainable is the efficiency and manner our beef, a renewable resource, is utilized. With over 130 billion pounds of world wide beef consumption in 2020, it’s no wonder the first thing that comes to mind

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Back to School with Beef

By Clara Wallace, 2022-2023 MO Beef Leadership Academy Member Anytime someone asks me what my favorite food is, 100% of the time I say “steak.” Usually they will ask me what’s so good about a steak and I tell them my story – I am a beef producer and raise my own cattle. I grew up on

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Cattle Care in the Summer

By Jack Norfleet, 2022-2023 MO Beef Leadership Academy Member The summer is always the busiest time of the year. Families are embarking on vacations, county fairs are bustling, and everyone wants to soak up the sun before it is too late. Although we may be staying busy during the summer, it is critical we do not forget

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News: Novus’s Green Acres Farm Helps “Beef Up” School Lunches

Donations support Mo Beef Kids’ mission of providing more beef, more often in local schools.  This program year, Mo Beef Kids (MBK) will benefit from cattle donations made by Green Acres Farm, owned and operated by Novus International. Their generous beef donations will support multiple schools in Montgomery, Audrain and Shelby counties.  MBK connects schools and

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