Beef: Beyond What’s for Dinner

By Cali Hillsman, 2022-2023 MO Beef Leadership Academy Member

Sustainability is important with our growing population. A large component of being sustainable is the efficiency and manner our beef, a renewable resource, is utilized. With over 130 billion pounds of world wide beef consumption in 2020, it’s no wonder the first thing that comes to mind when we think of beef is feeding the world. This, however, is where we begin to take a look at alternate ways beef is incorporated into our lives, besides what’s on our plate. 

Products you use daily that are a byproduct of beef include your vehicle’s interior, the roads you drive on, pet food and medications, just to name a few. Isn’t it amazing that there is virtually no waste? From cow-calf operations to market, beef is handled with extraordinary efficiency. 

Perhaps our favorite way to utilize beef may be on our plates, but we can all have an appreciation for the byproducts that help make our life a little easier. Be sure and thank your local cattle producer. Whether you’re filling your plate or driving your vehicle down the highway, they have helped to make this all possible in a manner that helps to keep earth a healthy planet.

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