Back to School with Beef

By Clara Wallace, 2022-2023 MO Beef Leadership Academy Member

Anytime someone asks me what my favorite food is, 100% of the time I say “steak.” Usually they will ask me what’s so good about a steak and I tell them my story – I am a beef producer and raise my own cattle. I grew up on a family farm. So, I have been around cattle my whole life. As a beef farmer the end product of the calf is what I most look forward to, which is the meat that comes after. 

 I work all year for a freezer full of good, nutritional beef. I want everyone to enjoy beef just as much as I do. Have you heard of Beef’s Big 10 Nutrients? Beef is a great source of protein, as well as iron, vitamin B12 and seven other essential nutrients. With school starting back up, it is important kids get the nutrition they need. Beef provides many essential vitamins and nutrients to help a kid stay strong and healthy for the school year.

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